Monday, September 1, 2014

new chapter

We have been in our new house for one month, today! When we started the process of buying this house, Brad's brother asked me, "Would you have bought this house if it was the first house you looked at?" I didn't have to think about it at all...."no!" But nearly 3 months after deciding to buy it, I really feel we are where the Lord wants us to be.

So why wouldn't we have picked this house in the very beginning? We wanted so much more; property, 4 bedrooms, lots of trees/woods, big work area for Brad, laundry room not closet. Wanted. Always wanting more. After so many months of looking, we eventually had to settle. That was how we felt back then. After spending 8 months living with other people, tho, I told my dad I would live in a dog house just to have my own place again! Did we really settle when we bought this house? I don't think so anymore. We are doing a lot of adjusting but we are very happy here! Here are some of the things we are learning to love:

School starts later (yay for sleeping in!)
But it also ends an hour later (boo for not getting home until nearly 4 o'clock)
Everyone we talk to states how good the school is
subdivision life is not what we wanted but who has time to cut acres of grass?? Not BRad!
It is a lot quieter than we thought it would be, which we like....
but the kids get bored without tons of neighbor kids to play with.
Being only 8 minutes from the interstate and lots of shopping is a huge plus compared to WV
We think we may have found a church. This is my first time ever getting involved in a church that my parents are not involved with. That's a whole 'nother post in itself!
Ryan and Abby sharing a room is going amazingly well.
Hannah having her own room was the right decision....for now.
We are learning to love "country" as found in NC. I have always said Brad and I will probably end up back in WV when we retire but I'm not so sure now!
And the biggest thing we are learning here is that God probably has different plans than we do!

We are excited for this new chapter in our lives. It's a chapter I never saw coming so I'm excited to live it and share it with the ones I love.

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